Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a JNR Base Kit and a JNR Fast Up Kit

The JNR Base Kit does not have an air tank and relies solely on the compressor to air the shocks up.

The JNR Fast Up Kit has a tank with a pressure switch which allows no wait on the compressor because the air tank will already have stored air ready to use.



What is the difference between the 95c, 98c and 100c compressors?

The 95c will build a higher pressure than the 98c, the 98c will have a higher volume but less pressure than the 95c. The 100c compressor is the best of both worlds being the largest compressor of the three, putting out more volume and pressure than the 95c and the 98c.



Should I use 1/4″ airline or 5/32″ airline?

We recommend all kits use 5/32″ airline. Bigger not always being better, the 1/4″ airline is simply more volume of airline to fill, and harder to route as cleanly as the 5/32 both have the same DOT pressure rating.



What shipping method does JNR use?


We use USPS priority shipping. Once your order has shipped it typically will arrive to you in 2-3 days in the United States. This includes weekends.