Ride Height Repeater RHR



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*Newly Designed Version Now Fits All Years With JNR Shocks*

Now there is a way to consistently air up to the same spot every time, the spot you determine to suit your needs.

The Ride Height Repeater  Was designed for most riders and conditions, it allows the user to set their upper ride height to their sweet spot, once set, this spot will be repeated every time the system airs up regardless of riding weight, whether one up, or two up, stopped or rolling on down the road.  ****The RHR does not require a different setting when riding 1 up or 2 up****

Optional bypass switch available, which can be used to override the RHR settings.


Click here to see the Ride Height Repeater in action



Now fits Harley Touring models with JNR rear air ride shocks.


For installation instructions, click on the image of your Ride Height Repeater version below:



5 responses to “Ride Height Repeater RHR”

  1. This is like the cherry on top for my complete setup. No waiting time trying to get the perfect ride height each time. A must buy

  2. Great add on. Great product, well made. I recommend getting the RHR…so much nicer to have the perfect ride height everytime.

  3. This thing is great. No matter how much load is on my bike it bides the same. My only bit of feedback would be using stainless hardware. I had this on my bike for one humid week and now the screws holding the microswitch on are the only rusted things on my bike.

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