Fast Up Front Air Ride ADD ON Kit





Fast Up Front Air Ride ADD ON Kit

This kit requires the addition of, or an EXISTING FAST UP REAR KIT, the standard fast up rear air tank typically does not have the volume to operate both front and rear air rides, so an upgrade to a larger tank (or crash bar/engine guard converted to a tank) or a second smaller tank is typically required.


We only recommend using front air ride on show bikes, bar hoppers, and with the use of a center stand. We don’t recommend adding front air if your bike is ridden a lot and on long trips.  If you have any issue that prevents you from airing up with air on both ends it is not safe to ride.  With air in the rear only you can still ride like a hard tail. If the goal is to add comfort to the front end to match the comfort that is added by rear air we recommend upgrading to the next step heavier fork oil.


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